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                QuanzhouYuxingMachineryCO.,Ltd.is theproduction Of ceramic mold is a professional modern enterprise.We have a group of experienced,excellent professional staff,to modernize management with advanced production technology,strict control of product quality.Manufacture of high quality,simple operation,stable performance,durable products.The company believes in"science and technology to create value,innovation leads the future"and the true meaning Of adhering tothe"refine on,only I Yuxing"principle,adhere to the"responsible,caring for the customer service"for the purpose of service.
                The spirit of green energy saving and environmental protection,building a harmonious society"concept,focus on the development of ceramic machinery special model of energy saving and environmental protection,the company is sparing no efforts in making the cloud dream,cloth simulation system of environmental protection products.In order to improve the efficiency of ceramic tile production,reduce the waste of resources,the company will continue to provide customers to be renovated machine,manufacturing new type quantitative or mobile automatic feeding system.
                In short,the cloth system is absolutely can not be ignored in any type of compressor consumption equipment,it can be key issues,product quality and environmental diversity directly influences the therefore,we will use our professional knowledge to help you solve the problem of the production,use our excellent equipment,meet the development needs of you,with our integrity total group,long-term cooperation.

                泉州星峰機械制造廠系專業生產陶瓷模具布料系統的現代化企業。 我們擁有一批具有經驗豐富、技術專業的優異員工,以現代化管理模式配合先進的生產工藝,嚴格控制產品質量。制造出高品質、操作簡單、性能穩定、經久耐用的產品。公司信奉“科技創造價值,創新指引未來”的真諦和秉承“精益求精,唯我星峰”的口號,堅持以“負責,關愛”的售后服務為宗旨。

                  Quanzhou Xingfeng Machinery Factory is a company mainly specialized in the production of ceramic, mould and Feeding system products.This company hasthe most advanced production equipments,excellent science and technology talents, the highest products and a group of professional after service team.
                With the development of the society,the ceramic industry is now undergoing changes with each passing day, and the ceramic products are fond by large amounts of clients. For our company, we have placed special emphasis on the production of environment protection Feeding system serials products as Cloud-Dream and Simulation of Raw Stone. In order to advance the production efficiency of ceramic tiles, and reduce the wastage of materials, we are continuously providing convenience for clients to change new products with old ones, make fix quality for new styles or move automatic Feeding-system.
                All in all, the Feeding system is surely an important consumption device for any kinds of Pressing machines. It has influences on some multiple key points as the quality of products and environment-protection strips. Therefore, our company is wiling to devote ourselves into the ceramic industry for brighten future hands in hands.